Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Tom and Jerry: A tribute to the show...

Mostly this is MY last post of the day, Bye!!! :D


Tom and Jerry Collage
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Do You Love Tom and Jerry??? Cause I do....

They bought me all the happy memories that no cartoon ever did. It bought tears to my eyes cause I just couldn't stop laughing. It gave me my humor and told me that your enemies can also be your best friends. Tom taught me to never give up and Jerry taught me that there is no end to life and that its never too late to enjoy. The show bought a lot of families together and that how many ever times you watch each episode you will never get tired of it. This is too a fandom, one of the best ones. I stand up right now and whisper the name of the show, and send a flying kiss towards this picture. I did, do and will always love this show which added the humor in my life, and made it interesting... XD